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Artisan Pasta, Polenta and Risotto

Tagliolini Egg Pasta

The Tagliolini egg pasta are produced through a real 100% artisan process: bronze die extruded, cut using a knife and laid down on wooden frames.

After a long drying period, we pack the pasta in bags and in the iconic final case exclusively by hand. The result? A pasta with perfect consistency and an unmistakable taste, 

Excellent if combined with melted butter and some leaves of fresh sage or with “Bouquet” butter with truffle Sausage and Barolo wine sauce, Ragout sauce, Mushrooms sauce and “Oro in Cucina” extra virgin olive oil with truffle.

The Tagliolini egg pasta are the ideal first course to enhance the flavor of the fresh truffle.

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Ingredients and allergens

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, pasteurized fresh eggs 20%, egg yolk 4%. It may contain traces of soy.

Weight 250g

Chef’s tips: bring 2 litres of water to boil adding the salt. Add the pasta and cook for 4 to 5 minutes until “al dente” or still firm.

Melt the butter in a separate saucepan. Drain the pasta and return it to the saucepan. Combine the pasta and melted butter or olive oil and toss over medium heat for about one minute.

Add the grated Parmesan Cheese and serve immediately.

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